Digital India, Unknown Facts about Digital India, Know More Learn More

logoDigital India is initiated by the Narendra Modi led government in 2014. Leaders always lead from the front everyone know about that but how ?  No one knows about that. Narendra Modi knows that only digital medium will change the face of India. He wants that all india people will adopt the digital system in modern era of Indian Information Technology. As we all know that India is a hub of Information technology and more than 10 million people are working in this industry. We are one of the leading exporters of software and many others. So our Prime Minister know that it is very catching as well as easy for the Indian people to adopt these things so after many if and but situation they took decision to launch the Digital India initiative.


Digital India initiative making life very easy and transparent not only to the people but government also there are lot of old habits are changing and digital system are taking place. All these things are stunned to the rest of world. So we are listing what are the benefits people are getting through after the Digital India initiative which given momentum on jan dhan yojana, direct benefits transfer and many other.

  • Nearly all central as well as state government tender are allotted through the online bidding process. So all people can see these bidding and know what is going in central scheme.
  • All central government employs are connected through the biometric attendance system and though this government knows who are coming on timely and not.
  • Now you need not to take any degree document at the time of joining and you can upload on digital locker system and use this documents through this anywhere for the verification and for other purpose.
  • Our post offices are going digital, all the cast certificate, income certificate are noe created through the digital so people no need to pay nay bribe to anyone.
  • You can make your identity card online like Pan Card, Aadhar Card and Passport
  • After this scheme there are lot of things are changing and people or breaking the old law and making new india through this initiative.

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