Kaushal Vikash Yojana Initiated by PM Narendra Modi


Indian world’s youngest country but why people say youngest because most of our population are under age 30. Millions of Indian entering in jobs market to get jobs and it is advantage as well as disadvantage for the Indian economy. Some of say that if government works in proper way then it is game changer for the indian economy as well as for the world. To keep in mind that government is taking steps and some of big steps are taken and the effect of that will be showing effects. One of the biggest steps taken by the government is to make indian youth skill full. So government has started working in this way and doing very well.

Making indian skill full they have created new scheme that is Kaushal Vikash Yojana which is working since 2015 and firstly it is started as pilot project soon after it is working across the nation. It is one of the biggest getaways for Indian to enable for the jobs. Government working with institution, NGO and many other small organistaion to make people skill full so that they will get jobs in easy way and more and more companies will come in india. After two years some of successes are taking place and many companies are setup offices and they are taking advantage by getting skilled labour.

If you also want to join in this initiative then you must visit official website as well as Kaushal Vikash center to know more about that? You can visit website where all the details are given in various indian languages. If you need any help regarding that then you contact through email or email me for more details. You must join and get skill become self employed as well as get better jobs in india. In coming years more that millions of jobs required so keep learning new things it will give you new hope and height.

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