Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, Home for All schemes


Population in India is increasing rapidly across the all parts. Due to that the all burden are come to Indian government and it becomes very difficult o engage the whole population in the jobs and many other things. Due to lack of jobs many people don’t have basic facilities like homes, jobs, water, food and many more. All government has tried and helped to all indian should have these facilities and for that they provide or launch new yojana and other helps. So this government also brings the new facilities like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and this also called the homes for all. It is taking shape in some state, cities and village.

This yojana is specifically designed for all those people who wants to home with affordable price or with low cost. So government has decided that some people wants to invest some money for home and some are not so people who wants to invest the money for the home for that people they decrees the many things and so many families looking for homes. We all know that homes are primary need for the people but due various reasons people are unable to make his/her homes. So, people who don’t have home for those they are giving pre made home so that they don’t have tension.

Under this scheme they are investing lot of money in rural people so that they have one home for his/her family. Many people don’t have small shelter. Through this scheme government trying to give small shelter to everyone who has low income and very less. As far as my concern you must apply in this scheme and for more information contact the representative who is responsible for that. Through this scheme government targeting to provide the homes for the all till the 2019 and to complete this they took lot of initiative. In this project some state government is also making hands with that.

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