Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, Initiative of Central Government


Indian is growing very fast and all around the globe it is making unique place and regaining the old status of India. But so hard truths are also present in India and that is more than 30% population living in below poverty line. Means many people are not even earn to fill his/her stomach and due to that the indian growth are not distributed as well as not uniform. After such a long time government has taking some initiative so that poor people also get some benefits and they can joins equally in development of India. New government has started new initiative for all poor Indian which is known for Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana.

This scheme is initiated for all those people who are living below poverty lines so there are lot of new facilities and schemes under this which is improves livelihood of poor people. Government don’t want to give freebies to all but they want to give some works and in respective of that they will get better payouts and good future. In this scheme they have started low cost life insurance and other things. Under this scheme they have opened the Jan Dhan Accounts which gives access to those people who don’t have accounts. So that they can save his/her money and use that in future purpose.

It is welcoming steps toward the making India great country and poor people also get good life in this country and they should joining to make india one of the power full country in the world. Some of people not aware of that if we all can say about these schemes they should understand and take advantage through that. You can start by in your nearest place so that at least your nearest poor will get some benefits through that. If you want to more about this scheme then click on the link which is mentioned in this page.

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