Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana Information, News, Update

pmjdySome Yojana and Scheme are changes the face of country and people participate in that as a revolutionary. So recently two to three year ago our prime Minister has announced the Jan dhan Yojana but many people criticized about that Yojana but people adopted that. People are participating in this Yojana with full support. Many people still not understand what is motive behind that scheme. If you don’t know why and what is the motive to start that scheme then we are her to provide the details information about that so you should understand that scheme and support to government so that maximum people get benefits through this scheme.

There is big motive behind that scheme and as per that all people should have bank account so that they will do all the banking works in very easy manner. That people who want to open its bank account with zero balance they will do in very easy manner. This also called financial inclusion so that more and more people will participate in the nation building. If all Indian has bank account and they will do financial transaction through the bank then country will definitely become more power full and progressing and there is only one way to add these people in the financial system. After the running these schemes across the country millions of people get benefits through the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana.

 jan dhan yojna

This scheme achieves many milestones so her below we are listing achievements and milestone:

  • After the announcements of this scheme more than 200 million accounts has been opened till this date.
  • As per the survey now each and every household had one bank account.
  • Through this scheme now poor, low income and all other type of people will able to open the accounts.
  • Government are now linked that account with the aadhar card so that they will easily transferred the subsidies and pension in his/her banks
  • Through this scheme people are taking so much benefits as well as govt also saving lot of money.

With this account, people will get the debit card as well as rupay card so that they can do transaction in very easy way.

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