Stand Up India Scheme – Stand on Feet India A Initiative by Indian Gov

stand-up-india-loanThere are so many things are changing in India some of are done by the government and some of by private player, startup organisation and individuals. Government is also promoting these corporate through the various schemes and various other incentives. Currently government focusing more on startup and new generation system which will give jobs as well as new technology. There are lot of young minded students doing very well in these fields. Every day new startup are taking place and for that they had created lost of small innovation space in they try to provide good environment for all those innovating in any sectors.

Now, Indian government is working on stand up India concept in which they has give some wonder full opportunity to you mind people to make india prosperous. As per this initiative, government trying to pull all intelligent mind which just looking for jobs and as per that they had give him/her opportunity to create own industry and give people to jobs. Through this way they are trying to develop new industry as well as to create new types of jobs. There are many thousands of aspirants has been applied in this initiative and getting benefits through that. So here we are telling what is the benefits if you will join in this Stand Up Initiative so click here to go official website.

Benefits of Stand Up Initiative

1. Capital Access to Fempreneurs Made Easier

Every one will stuck in middle when they try to raise the fund and it is very difficult for women, women entrepreneurs are struggle to much for fund and some time she found stuck in the middle of nowhere.

2. Options for Refinance

Through this scheme the initial phase of the business when you are looking out for seed amount, but this scheme also helps during the growing stages through refinancing.

3. Much Needed Support & Training

According to a research conducted in 2014 by YourStory, about 54% of women are in the dark about how a startup should work and thus, are unable to solve problems related to their business.

4. Increase in Participation of Women in Entrepreneurship

The participation of women in entrepreneurship still remains low in numbers. There could be many reasons for it including access to capital, lack of training and knowledge, lack of confidence, etc.

5. Greater Availability of Connect Centres

According to a report by The Hindu, the number of SC/ST entrepreneurs (including women) has witnessed a significant rise in Andhra Pradesh. The number of businesses set up by these entrepreneurs increased to 2275 in 2012 from 319 in 2004.


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